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When something doesn't fit the way you would like, we can adjust the seams and fastenings to make it fit you perfectly. Style Tip: Garments that conform correctly to your body, look more stylish and expensive.

    Take in waist
    Shorten sleeves
    Taper skirts and pants
    Hems up/down


You don't wear that favorite dress, shirt, pants, vest, jacket or skirt anymore because it has a hole, the zipper broke, or the pockets wore through. Pull out your favorites, we'll fix them and give them new life. 

    Replace zippers
    Repair buttons
    Repair holes
    Add belt loop
    Fix pockets/holes

Fit Makes All the Difference

Style is unmistakable when you see it. Some people have a knack for it and always look chic in every situation. They seem to put clothes and outfits together effortlessly.
And some people know who to hire to help them get that well-dressed look. Enter Vegas Stitch.
As any stylist will tell you, whether you're after a flawless red carpet look or a head-turning casual ensemble, fit is everything.
We can upcycle, alter, and fix beloved wardrobe pieces as well as tailor your new clothes to look like they were made for you.

    Cocktail & Formal Dress Fitting
    Men's Suit Tailoring
    Update & Upcycle Your Well-Loved Clothes
    Repair Favorite Pieces
    Wardrobe Assessment & Updating

Impeccable Style Comes From Tailoring


Men's Suiting

Does your suit look off the rack or bespoke? Get that custom-made look for less with meticulous tailoring. Jackets, vests, pants, shirts--we can tailor everything to make it look like you went to a custom atelier. 


Cocktail Dresses

Raise the hem. Shorten the sleeves. Fit the bodice like a glove to your chest. No gaps. No bulges. No compromises. It's amazing how much better your cocktail and formal dresses look when they fit your shape exactly.


Casual Outfits

The perfect slouchy or skin-tight pants don't happen by accident. The jeans that fit juuust right rarely occur right off the rack. We can hem, and alter shirts, jackets, jeans, skirts, and pants so you look effortlessly cool.

Men's Tailoring


The fit of your pants can tell people you're dashing or drab. Get the right cut, cuff, or hem, and go from well dressed to impeccably attired.


Fit is what makes sportswear look cool. Too loose or too fitted and the attitude is all wrong. We're on top of the latest looks to give you the style you crave.


Why does James Bond always look so on point? It starts with the cut and fit of the suit. You can't get that look off the rack. You need an experienced tailor with an eye for detail.

Altering, repairing, and upcycling your clothing isn't just good for you; it's great for the environment. The equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned every second. By making the most of what you already have, you're reducing waste, decreasing your carbon footprint, and demonstrating the ultimate in fashion--eco-style. 

How Mobile Seamstress Services Work

Schedule an Appointment

Contact us by phone or text to schedule a fitting at your location.

We Fit You

We come to your location to measure and pin your clothes to the perfect fit.

We Sew Your Garments

We expertly alter your clothes at our studio using state of the art machines.

You Get Finished Garments

We deliver your finished garments back to you. 

What's the price of mobile sewing services?

An accurate cost estimate will be provided at the time of your fitting. But here is our pricing estimates list.